Elder Abuse Self-Study Course

Many Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) work in close contact with older persons in various care settings. It is an expectation as well as an opportunity for LPNs to gain the knowledge and skills to prevent and mitigate abuse. Elder abuse is a significant public health problem and everybody’s business. This problem puts LPNs in a unique position to understand how abuse can be prevented and support those who have been abused or are experiencing abuse.

This course has been designed as continuing education for LPNs who have an invested interest in recognizing, responding to and preventing instances of elder abuse/mistreatment. The main purpose of this course is to bring further awareness to the issue of elder abuse and strategies that can be used to support older persons where either abuse is suspected or a person has disclosed that they are being abused.

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NOTE: This self-study course is intented to support the continuing education of Alberta's Licensed Practical Nurses. Key legislation and resources relate to agencies and services provided in the province of Alberta, Canada.

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Course Modules and Exercises

Module 1: Introduction to Elder Abuse

  1. Read Module 1 in the Study Guide ( PDF | Digital )
  2. Do Knowledge Check quiz for Module 1 (15 questions selected from 50)

Module 2: Recognizing Elder Abuse

  1. Read Module 2 in the Study Guide ( PDF | Digital )
  2. Do Knowledge Check quiz for Module 2 (15 questions selected from 50)

Module 3: Responding to Elder Abuse

  1. Read Module 3 in the Study Guide ( PDF | Digital )
  2. Do Knowledge Check quiz for Module 3 (15 questions selected from 50)

Module 4: Preventing Elder Abuse

  1. Read Module 4 in the Study Guide ( PDF | Digital )
  2. Do Knowledge Check quiz for Module 4 (15 questions selected from 40)

Module 5: Resources

  1. Review Module 5 in the Study Guide ( PDF | Digital )
  2. Reflective Questions for the five Modules ( PDF | Digital )
  3. Complete Case Study 1: Home Care Setting ( PDF | Digital )
  4. Complete Case Study 2: Facility Care Setting ( PDF | Digital )
  5. Complete Case Study 3: Assisted Living Facility ( PDF | Digital )
  6. CLPNA Elder Abuse Study Guide ( PDF | Digital )
  7. Elder Abuse Study App – A downloadable, lookup database of signs and symptoms of elder abuse.

Additional Resources

  1. Resources - Links, PDFs ( PDF | Digital )
  2. Video resources ( PDF | Digital )

Final Examination

Final Examination – This final exam consists of 60 randomly selected questions from a pool of 190 items. A printable CLPNA Certificate of Completion is available upon passing this exam with a score of 80% or better. If you are an Alberta LPN, please enter your Registration Number when requested. Everyone else, leave in the default number. If you want a copy of the Final Exam Results e-mailed to yourself (or anyone else), enter the appropriate e-mail address. Otherwise, leave it blank. (Results are ONLY e-mailed if you have passed the exam).

Course Evaluation

Elder Abuse Course Evaluation – Please complete this online survey after finishing this sef-study course. Your feedback and comments will greatly assist CLPNA in developing and delivering effective, quality nursing educational resources.

Technology Notes

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